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Brendon Marley, the host of Like 'em Straight, has long had an obsession for sex with the "unobtainable" straight guy and the videos on his site have become an extension of those desires - for better or for worse they are his real sex life. If you're into nasty, raunchy, action and want to see real, first time, straight guys who you won't see on other sites, getting their dicks sucked, asses rimmed and blowing their loads into a guzzling mouth you've arrived at the right place!

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Brendon Marley is the producer, videographer, and star of Like 'em Straight - it's about his vision, his fantasy, and his sex life. Move over Jake Cruise, cuz Brendon's been at this for five years longer - the site's been active since way back in 1997. Brendon has an addiction to straight guys - he advertises for guys who wanna try out being in porn. He supplies the comfy private setting, gets them naked, then starts filming. Once they get hot 'n horny watching straight porn, Brendon leaves the camera on its tripod and swings gently, yet firmly, into action. He moves in with mouth open, and gets the models to do as much as they feel comfortable with. It's Brendon's fantasy, he lives it, and in his weekly pursuit of real straight cock, we get to experience it all vicariously.

To quote the home page logo: "Straight guy seduction: real amateur, real guys, no porn-stars, no models, no scripts." Based in California, Brendon advertises for his straight guys. The ones who want to be a porn star for a day (or more often) get cranked up by looking at straight porn. Their hard cocks then need immediate attention, either on their own, or from Brendon, who's always there to lend a hand - or a mouth or a hole. Brendon's also gone abroad, filming hot Brazilian straight studs in Rio de Janeiro, and horny European men in Budapest. The guys who have passed through Brendon's studio are a diverse lot. They're regular guys, muscular guys, hot young twinks, older studs, hairy or smooth, blonde, red, or dark-haired, mostly big-dicked (of course), and always hard and horny. They are really straight, so sometimes they'll just sit there looking at a porn mag while Brendon sucks their hard cocks to orgasm. More often they'll get involved in the eroticism of the shoot. Brendon gives the guys the chance to get on camera, strip and jerk off, but they are usually easily convinced to allow Brendon more liberties with their naked bodies, and he moves in for gentle, but insistent, cock-sucking. If he's lucky, they might be okay with fucking his ass. Brendon is also a cum-whore and he gladly will take a load to swallow. There are a bunch of duos and the occasional group - the guys do what they want to each other - and Brendon's in the middle.

The different fantasy theme series offer some intriguing situations - no weird ones, just stereotypical gay fantasies. Read the descriptions of the dozens of themes: try the sauna seductions, spunk addiction, foreign and out-of-town trips, peep shows, anal adventures, Marines off base, hotel room seductions, and many more. A fan favorite is Straight from the Spigot: guys who can suck their own dicks and cum in their own mouths.

The camera and lighting are meant to be both gonzo and unobtrusive, both involving and private. Brendon himself is director and videographer. He will tripod the camera at first, letting the model feel comfortable doing what he's doing. Then, he'll pick it up and approach for the expected and sexy up-close-and-personal shots and angles. When Brendon's ready for the straight boy seduction, he leaves the camera stationary on the tripod and enters the action himself. The lighting is either studio lightboxes (they might be in-shot) or natural light outdoors, or even low or subdued or 'guerilla lighting' when Brendon ventures underground. Sure some of the videos suffer a bit visually from lack of adequate lighting, but that's the theme and style of filmmaking that contribute to the diversity of the site. Sound is all natural, no music, and it's Brendon talking with the guys, or maybe in a duo or group the guys talking among themselves, or of course more often the moaning and sighing of the boys themselves, in the passion of self-stimulation or with Brendon's oral talents at work. His camerawork is as good as his sexual abilities - whether sharp and bright and sensual or dark and moody - but always real.

Finally, almost as if to prove how much an exhibitionist 'straight-boy' whore he is, Brendon offers a significant discount to loyal members of the site. The price for membership continues to dwindle the longer you remain a member bottoming out at $19.95 a month.


The keywords to remember when considering membership to this site are Authenticity and a Dedication to Theme. No 'straight boy' site is so thorough or so obviously legitimate as Like 'em Straight it. If you're a true fan of the genre, there is no reason to pass up purchasing a membership - especially with that incredible diminishing membership rate. So, if you "Like 'em Straight" as much as porn-maven Brendon Marley, you'll be able to take your fantasy to a whole new level on Like 'em Straight, but without all the work. Those hot, presumably unobtainable straight guys you lust after? - Brendon's got 'em and you can too.

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